‘See Differently’: RSB hails new era with bold new vision and brand

Today, the Royal Society for the Blind is ringing in a new era, announcing an organisation-wide rebrand to ‘See Differently’. 

After more than half a century being known as the Royal Society for the Blind, our new name and brand better reflects our primary purpose: providing people who are blind and vision impaired with a new perspective on life.

It’s not the first time we have changed our name. 

lady and man standing in front of office with 'See Differently' branding


Our organisation was founded 138 years ago as the Institute for the Blind. The royal prefix was added in 1903, and in 1974 we became the Royal Society for the Blind.

Because of this rich history, Executive Manager of Marketing and Fundraising, Sally Raphael, said the revamp wasn’t something the Royal Society for the Blind undertook lightly.

She said the new name reflects a “vibrant and modern” organisation that offers a wide range of technology and services to people of all ages.

“We know that our brand has to work for the next generation of clients who have very different expectations and want to choose a brand that reflects their ambitions and aspirations,” Sally said.

The Royal Society for the Blind has been using ‘See Differently’ as a tagline for the last few years. Sally says it is something that both staff and clients “felt passionate about”.

“It’s a brand based on service, respect and allowing our clients to determine their path,” Sally said.

“It conveys our purpose, how we are dedicated to people seeing vision loss differently and how the range of different technology and services is transforming the opportunities for people with vision loss to lead their most rewarding lives.

“It’s also what we want for some of our other services, including our assistance dogs for veterans. The program allows veterans to see their lives and their future in a completely different way.”

Sally said the new branding had to be accessible to those with low vision. So, the decision was made to use contrasting colours, bold fonts, and close-up photography, all critical factors for low-vision people.

“For a long time we’ve been a bit shy about who we are, what we do and the impact we have on people’s lives. It’s really important that South Australians know we are there for them if they experience vision loss, to understand it’s the start of a new journey.”

See Differently’s Executive Director, Damian Papps, said the new name speaks to the many opportunities and ambitions available to those living with low vision.

Damian says the See Differently brand emphasises the importance of developing new technologies that enable those with low vision to enjoy an independent life.

These include the latest wearable devices like eSight, screen readers, talking screens, the latest in home automation as well as practical items like magnifiers and liquid level finders. 

“We know that losing your vision can be a difficult journey, but we also know there is hope and opportunity,” Damian said.

“It’s about having the vision to see what is possible and utilise all the technology, techniques and support available to lead the best possible life.”

He said the sector has changed radically over the past decade, giving clients choice and control over the services they access.

“We are partners with our clients, we partner with the community and with hundreds of volunteers to deliver all of the amazing programs we offer. It’s profit for purpose and we’re always striving to be our best and do things differently.”

With more than 7,000 clients, See Differently is the leading provider of low vision services in South Australia, offering everything from assistive technologies to guide dogs.

We also help those with low vision gain employment, seek counselling and have peer support.