Customer Incident

See Differently ensures that all incidents involving client are reported within a reasonable time so that they can be investigated. See Differently believes that if an incident is reported in a timely manner and thoroughly investigated, they have an opportunity to learn from the incident and make See Differently a safer place to work and for our clients to engage with us.

See Differently has mandatory reporting requirements including the NDIS Commission, Mandatory Reporting of Neglect or Abuse of Children and Aged Care Services.

  • Examples of what can be considered to be a reportable incident are as follows:
  • Any injury sustained while engaged in a program of support with See Differently
  • Any alleged, suspected or actual abuse or neglect both by See Differently Workers or an external party (this could be just a suspicion).
  • Serious injury of a client while engaged in a program of support with See Differently
  • Any alleged, suspected or actual unlawful sexual or physical contact with, or assault, of a See Differently client.
  • Unauthorised use of restrictive practices.
  • Alleged bullying or harassment of a See Differently client.
  • Criminal activity involving a See Differently client.

The incident reporting and investigation procedures

  1. See Differently will respond in a timely manner to any Incident that is reported to them
  2. Investigations when required are carried out with an open mind, focused on preventing a similar incident occurring in the future
  3. Clients are provided with feedback on the actions taken from any report they have made
  4. Incident reports and the personal information contained within are handled with due regard to confidentiality, privacy and security.
  5. Where an incident is mandatorily reportable to an external agency it will be reported in a timely manner.

Please report all incidents to See Differently on 1300 944 306.