Confidence in the Kitchen

Confidence is the key ingredient that makes all the difference when the RSB cooking crew storm the kitchen. Our fantastic cooking class program supports participants with low vision to get hands-on learning and skills in the kitchen. It’s all about maintaining both independence and fun!


Once a month, our RSB Occupational Therapists hold cooking classes in Noarlunga and Smithfield from 10am-2pm. Small groups discover a range of skills in each session, such as knife techniques, food safety, and stove-top cooking.


People work together in the class to make delicious and affordable meals that are easy to replicate in their own kitchens. The classes are an excellent way for participants to meet new people, grow their independence, and regain confidence.


Cooking class participant Desmond Rawady says, “The RSB cooking classes helped me to become more confident and independent in the kitchen.”


Before Desmond came to the cooking class, he relied on his daughter to cook for him. Since participating, Desmond can now comfortably cook for himself.


“My friends and family see a different person – a confident person.”


RSB cooking classes are available to blind or vision-impaired people who want to learn or re-learn the basics of cooking with a vision condition. For more information, contact us via email at or phone us at 1300 944 306 to speak to our friendly team.