Puppy Handover Day

Yellow Puppy looking at camera

It’s puppy handover day this International Guide Dog Day

Being a volunteer puppy educator takes time, love and commitment, and looking after a puppy isn’t always easy. But one of the sweetest moments is handover day, when volunteers start a life changing journey with a puppy destined to make a real difference in the world.

Wednesday 27th April is International Guide Dog Day, and also marks puppy handover day for the latest litter of RSB puppies embarking on their journey to become a Guide or Assistance Dog.

Crucial to their journey is the team of volunteers and RSB puppy educators and trainers who support the puppies through their first 12 months, laying the foundations for them to bring independence and opportunities to vision impaired South Australians in the future.

“Most people don’t realise that RSB Dogs are bred and then raised in volunteers’ homes throughout the suburbs of Adelaide. Our puppy educators are very special people who look after the puppies, kickstart their training and ensure they are socialised at home, the shops and the wider community,” said Damian Papps, Executive Director at RSB.

“With demand strong for both Guide and Assistance Dogs, our breeding program has expanded, and as such we are looking for even more volunteers to work with us. It’s an extremely rewarding experience to help raise a puppy, and know you are changing the life of someone who really benefits from a highly trained RSB Dog,” Damian said.

Our latest litter of puppies – all with names starting with V – are being handed over to their volunteer families this Wednesday at 1pm at our Gilles Plains headquarters. Their puppy education takes about 12-14 months, before being enrolled in daily RSB Dog school. Their final training with their client takes place at about 18 months to 2 years of age.

“There is an incredible amount of hard work and dedication that goes into caring and training RSB Dogs. The difference they make to the daily lives of many South Australians is incredible. Today, we thank our volunteers, our team and all our supporters, who help us deliver this life changing program,” said Damian Papps.



What: Handover of the latest litter of RSB puppies to their volunteer puppy educators. Interviews will be available with the RSB team and our volunteers. Our beautiful Labrador puppies will also be there!

When: 1pm, Wednesday 27th April

Where: 11 Blacks Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086

Sally Raphael – Executive Manager, Marketing & Fundraising

0419 524 557  – sally.raphael@seedifferently.org.au


A Mother and Father with their two children (boy and girl) holding one black and one yellow puppy