Sky-Diving for RSB OPK9

Jean smiling at the camera. She is wearing a purple RSB top


Help Jean celebrate and show your support for our Veterans’ in need.

Last year Jean attended a Remembrance Day ceremony where she saw a familiar face. The face belonged to a striking cream Labrador named Watson. Several years earlier, Jean had cared for Watson as an emergency boarder volunteer with RSB. This unexpected reunion, where Jean witnessed the remarkable partnership Watson and his OPK9 Veteran handler now had, inspired Jean into action. Skydiving!

On Friday 6th May , to Mark her 80th Birthday, Jean will be zipping up her skydiving suit and jumping out of a plane – 10,000 feet – all for RSB OPK9!

And Jean is calling us to with her a Happy 80th Birthday Skydive by donating to the RSB OPK9 Program.

“The public needs to know about this program… “

As a former Australian Navy  Cadet staff member, and with strong ties to the Defence force, Jean is passionate about the mental health of our Veterans’ and has seen first-hand the effect of RSB OPK9 for Veterans in need. Jean is ‘jumping’ to bring attention to RSB OPK9 and to raise much-needed funds to enable more Veterans’ in need to access an assistance dog.

RSB OPK9 raises, trains and partners Veterans with PTSD with a specially trained assistance dogs, with ongoing training and support for all.

Jean has supported RSB for many years, as a volunteer with the guide and assistance dog team as well as supporting fundraising such as Badge Day. Her next endeavor, however, will be her most nerve-racking but your support will make it all worthwhile!

DONATE TODAY: Visit and select ‘Jean’s 80th Skydive’ on the drop-down menu for reason to donate to her OPK9 fund.

Alternatively, call us to donate on 1300 944 306.

And be sure to stay tuned to RSB’s Facebook page for coverage of the big jump!

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