Magnified comfort: introducing the Schweizer ERGO-Lux handheld magnifier

Trainers & Therapists

Trainers & Therapists

Reading your favourite book just got a lot more comfortable for people with low vision with the new Schweizer ERGO-Lux handheld magnifier, the latest addition to See Differently’s technology range. 

A woman is holding the magnifier over a book


The handheld magnifier features a specially-designed ergonomic handle, crafted to fit naturally in your hand for a more comfortable reading position. 


Featuring a 4-chip SMD LED and Multi-Power light option, and available in various strengths, See Differently is the exclusive Australian distributor, perfectly complementing its range of technology devices which cater to individuals at every stage of vision loss or impairment. 


Andrew Davies, See Differently’s Technology Team Manager said even the simplest modification to technology can make a huge difference.


“For many people, sitting down with a newspaper or a good book is a big part of their daily routines. Being able to offer an ergonomically designed product allows them to keep reading for long periods of time,” Andrew said. 


“We want these magnifiers to become a seamless part of people’s lives.”


The Schweizer ERGO-Lux magnifier is available for trial along with a wide array of other assistive technologies at See Differently’s modern Low Vision Centre in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. 


“We are constantly searching globally for new devices that support your vision while enabling you to continue to do what we love for as long as possible,” he said


“People think that you come to See Differently because you’re blind, and we absolutely have technology and support for people who are blind. But, there is a broad spectrum of vision loss and low vision and we can also help people through these products to make best use of what vision they have.”


See Differently stocks South Australia’s largest range of vision-related assistive technology, providing unparalleled access to the latest equipment and expertise from Australia and overseas.


Andrew said that customers often have a certain product in mind and are blown away by the options available. 


“Customers come in with an idea of the tools they think they need, but our staff are experts in this space and can often match you with products you hadn’t considered or were aware of that better meet your needs,” he said.

A woman is holding a magnifier over a book


“It’s really important to come in person, speak to our staff about your challenges and try some assistive technologies before making a purchase. 


“With an iPhone or Android phone, people already have so much power in their hands. These devices offer a wide range of accessibility support to maintain independence. Our Pirie Street team can help individuals ot only determine the programs and apps they might need, but also assist in using the built-in features to the best of their ability.


“We can also provide a referral to our optometrists or occupational therapists if we believe they could add some extra support. And we offer telehealth consultations for people in regional areas of South Australia as well.


“We are here to help.”


The Schweizer ERGO-Lux handheld magnifier will be available for purchase at See Differently’s Low Vision Centre at 212 Pirie Street, Adelaide in late May.


To register for pre-sale, contact us 1300 944 306 or email


The Centre is open to the public Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm. No appointment is necessary. 

For more information about the Low Vision Centre, please call 1300 944 306