Product Description

Skip-Bo is a deceptively simple but endlessly entertaining card game classic. There are a whopping 162 cards in the special Skip-Bo deck, which makes it perfect for anywhere from two to six players. The rules are easy enough for players as young as seven to master, but there’s plenty of opportunity for older players to plan ahead, play defensively … and gently tilt the scales of chance in their favor!To begin, each player is dealt between 20 and 30 cards, depending on how many are playing. Then, players use skill and strategy to create stacks of cards in numerical sequence 1 through 12. The objective is to get rid of all of your cards, while preventing your opponents from discarding their cards first. But wait – it’s not as easy as it sounds. Multiple card piles, duplicated numbers and plenty of Wild Skip-Bo cards to go around make this game both unpredictable and fun. The first player to use all the cards in her stockpile wins!

This special deck of playing cards made by Mattel consists of high-quality cards, each of which sports its number in both print and raised Braille. They even come packed into a custom, hard-plastic case to keep them safe for generations of young card enthusiasts. Now, blind players can join in this light, fun card game for kids of all ages!