Peer Support

The aim of the Peer Support Program is to provide a support service for clients recently diagnosed with an eye condition and have experienced a significant vision loss. The program is coordinated by the Low Vision Centre (LVC).

Services Provided

Trained peer supporters are matched to clients according to a number of criteria including eye condition, age and shared interests. Peer supporters make between 1 to 3 phone calls to clients. In those calls peer supporters give reassurance that it is possible to” live with vision loss”, listen to an individual’s concerns and encourage adaptation to cope with changes in vision. Importantly Peer Supporters are able to recognise when to refer back to the LVC for further assistance.


Peer Supporters contact clients by phone at home.


A person is eligible for peer support services if they are a client of the Low Vision Centre.


Requests for this service are generally made by clients themselves and by family members or friends (with the individual’s consent) and other See Differently staff.