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See Differently Manufacturing and Packaging service is showing how inclusivity can drive innovation and success for Australian businesses.

Since 1884, See Differently has provided employment for South Australians who are blind or vision impaired.

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Today, over 60 supported employees with varying degrees of vision impairment work at See Differenty’s Gilles Plains Manufacturing and Packaging site, offering efficient, cost effective and high quality manufacturing and packaging solutions that will save businesses time and money.

Staff are supported by See Differently’s low vision experts who tailor tasks and provide necessary modifications so employees are empowered to excel in their roles.

“It’s a matter of suiting the task to the person and then adding some work modifications so that they can do the tasks,” explains Peter​​​​ Ware, Executive Manager ‑ Manufacturing and Packaging.

“We’re able to break those processes down or we modify the process to match their vision loss, like adding magnification or assistive technology where we can or we might build jigs to help the process.

“A number of our people have worked in open employment and come to us with previously developed manufacturing skills, as well as experience in management and leadership. Through an injury or disease or illness, they now work with us to maintain some financial independence and we are able to place them in roles which use their existing skills.”

Recent investments in new equipment have expanded their capabilities, particularly in thermoformed (vacuum) and pressure formed products, including clamshells, food grade containers and folded and heat-sealed blisters.

The new equipment has allowed See Differently to build larger, custom plastic products for customers.

The versatility of thermoforming can be seen in their work with a large air conditioning provider, for whom they produce and assemble custom air conditioner plenums.

“We work with companies to create a solution which works for them – they are always really impressed by what we can do,” Peter said.

“We work closely with our clients and provide a prototype before production commences to ensure they will be happy with our work.”

The Manufacturing and Packaging staff are experienced working with thin gauge and thick gauge materials including PVC, HIPS and ABS, date and batch code printing, shrink wrapping, tamper proof packaging, sonic welding, and packaging assembled products into heat sealed blisters and clamshells.

Employees are paid award wages, and there is a large focus on continuous growth and development.

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“We certainly don’t try to keep our employees here – if they want to move towards open employment, we help them to do that,” Peter emphasised.

“We are able to help work through what modifications they will need, rather than relying on another employer, which reduces that barrier to entering the open workforce.”

See Differently’s Manufacturing and Packaging Service is setting a new standard for excellence in manufacturing and packaging – making products while also making a difference.

The service not only provides valuable employment for staff and cost effective solutions for clients,  but all profits help See Differently continue to deliver groundbreaking services for people living with low vision.

If you would like to find out more about how your business can work with See Differently’s Manufacturing and Packaging Services, please contact Business Development Manager, Christophe Esteve on 0418 443 188.