Do you see what I see this Christmas?

Trainers & Therapists

Trainers & Therapists

When you see Lisa and her guide dog Lana, it’s hard to see anything but love. They are best friends in the truest sense of the word. It’s the love and support of our community of donors and volunteers who have made that love possible.


Lana a black guide dog lying down on the ground next to handler Lisa. Lana is touching her nose against Lisa's cheek


Today Lisa lives a full and active life with Lana by her side. They go to work together, walk around West Lakes on the weekend and have even been to the Australia Open in Melbourne together. Before getting Lana, Lisa’s confidence was low and she wasn’t comfortable going out on her own.

This Christmas we’re asking our incredible community to keep supporting the life changing work we do in our Guide and Assistance Dog School.


When we look at our latest litter of puppies, we see the cute little faces just like everyone else, but we also see their potential. The potential to change and even save lives, helping people who are blind as Guide Dogs well as Assistance Dogs supporting veterans with PTSD. Some of our dogs even become therapy dogs for autistic children.


Lisa is holding Lana's paw


We love what we do and are so proud to see the difference Guide and Assistance Dogs make to people’s lives. We are always welcoming new litters of puppies and new dogs into our school at Gilles Plains. It takes a lot of time, care and training to allow these dogs to work with our clients.


Your generous contribution will support our Guide and Assistance Dog school into 2024, so we can share the love with more people like Lisa. Donate here