Do you know it costs more than $50,000 to breed, raise and train a See Differently Guide or Assistance Dog?

Your monthly donation of just $30, or $1 a day, will help us raise a new generation of puppies who will grow up to be superhero See Differently Guide or Assistance Dogs.

With waitlists for our guide and assistance dog programs, your support is more im-paw-tant than ever!

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Pupstar benefits:

As well as supporting superstar puppies who will go on to change lives, you’ll also receive:

  • Regular pup-dates – meet the pups and the See Differently team and find out how your donation is making a difference.
  • Access to our annual Guide and Assistance Open Day – go behind the scenes, meet the trainers (and the pups!)
  • Exclusive access to the Pupstars Facebook page where you’ll get the very best puppy-spam!

Join Pupstars NOW, and receive a special welcome pack that includes a welcome letter, certificate, framed puppy picture, and surprise gift.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation of $30 a month goes directly towards raising and training our puppies, including:

  • High quality food and vet care – keeping the pups healthy and strong
  • Specialised training preparing the puppies for their superhero future as guide or assistance dogs
  • Collars, leashes and other training equipment
  • Transportation to and from training sessions

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