The freedom to live a great life

Cheryl and her Guide Dog Winston sitting on the beach

Meet Cheryl and Winston


Can we introduce you to Cheryl and Winston?
There’s nothing they love better than a flat white and a walk along the beach. It’s a simple pleasure but one never taken for granted.

You see Winston gives Cheryl the daily freedom to be free and independent. To walk along the beach, to go to the shops, to be out an about like everyone else.

Cheryl was born with RP, a genetic condition, that left her blind by the age of 26.

With the support of her family, her dog, and the RSB, she has the freedom to live the life she wants.

Life hasn’t always been easy

When she was young Cheryl learnt how to read braille, a service offered by RSB to people of all ages. 

“To learn to read, and see life differently through books, was so important for me.”

Losing nearly all her vision was tough, but Cheryl was also challenged with glaucoma and diabetes.

“I found all of that that very challenging, obviously, and spent a long time thinking about what I could do.”

She got on with life. She tried working with a white cane but did not enjoy the experience. It slowed her down and impacted her ability and comfort to get around, get to work and communicate.

“I worked out it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t feel comfortable.”

Support RSB and our services


Everyone deserves the freedom to live a good life. Your gift to RSB will ensure that we can continue to provide services and programs to people with vision loss, to help them read, to help them get around easily, to work and to manage on their own at home. Your generous donation can make a real difference to people like Cheryl.

Cheryl’s dog gives her freedom

Cheryl knew that a guide dog was the right option for her.

“The waiting to see if you can get a dog, is a really stressful time. Then the waiting. Then the training. Making sure the dog works with you.”

Cheryl’s had a guide dog since the age of 26. Now with RSB dog Winston, Cheryl enjoys an independent life, working part time in a job she loves and getting down the beach for walks. It just wouldn’t be possible without her dog.

“I have worked for over 43 years – and I am enormously proud of that. My dogs are a huge part of that achievement – without a dog it wouldn’t have been possible. With Winston, I work with Dave from RSB and he is great. He is careful and patient and supportive – I think RSB are an incredible group to be part of.”

Winston is awesome, but he’s nearing retirement, and Cheryl will soon be waiting for another guide dog.

Yellow Guide Dog Winston

So much more than dogs

A guide dog has transformed Cheryl’s life, but it’s not the only way the RSB supports Cheryl to live her best life. Cheryl has accessed a range of RSB services to give her the freedom to confidently move around her neighbourhood, to work and even at home. 

“The RSB team is great, coming to my home, working with me on what I needed, and assisting me upgrade my kitchen to support my vision loss, especially marking up my stove to make it safer for me.”

An RSB guide dog is incredible, but it takes 2 years and a lot of work to train them to the highest standard. Your support makes it possible for people like Cheryl to have a dog and her freedom.

RSB – here for all South Australians with vision loss

RSB offers a full range of support, services, and technologies for South Australians of all ages with vision loss. From technology, to counselling, to mobility training, and of course our guide dogs, we work side by side with people with vision loss to live their best lives.

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