See Braille Differently

What is Braille?


Braille is print for anyone who struggles to read print. Braille is six raised dots on a page which can be felt with your fingertips. Different combination of these six dots makes up all of Braille. Once you have learnt the alphabet, you learn even more combinations to help make Braille even faster to do or read. Different combinations of these six dots produce almost everything including: letters, punctuation signs, numbers, math symbols, music signs and various languages.


Who would benefit from learning Braille?

Braille is best for anyone who struggles to read large print. Anyone who has a degenerative eye condition, anyone who gets headaches after reading for an extended period and anyone who is totally blind. It’s never too early, or too late to start!


How Braille work?

Braille is read with your fingertips but can be recognised by eyesight. It is a  long process of getting your fingertips sensitive enough to read Braille. To do Braille, you would start with a brailler; a brailler is like a manual typewriter. You push the combination of keys down to produce the combination of dots on the Braille page. There are laptop computers that use a Braille keyboard and use a screen with only Braille. This allows you to Braille into it and feel the Braille on the screen at the same time. You can use these Braille laptop computers to produce document files, surf the net, create a calendar for your appointments and even play games.


Why Braille?

Braille is the most effective way of improving your literacy skills. By learning to feel Braille, you can learn how to spell, create proper sentence structure and enjoy the thrill of reading. Braille is almost as fast as using your voice to dictate into something however, Braille will allow you to know exactly what is there. Braille is your starting foundation to build a life of knowledge literacy and

Fun. This will enable you to be able to study and be employed. This will enable you to be a person who is independent and empowered.


Want to enquire about taking a Braille lesson?

It’s never too early, or too late to start your braille journey.

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