RSB work unmasked

A clear mask

The RSB has been making face shields under contract to Cheiron. These masks have been provided to SA Health, WA Health and Queensland Health as each continues their efforts to suppress the spread of coronavirus.

The co-branded face shields are made from Australian made and sourced products and are being used to support Australian health care workers on the front line.

RSB Chief Executive Rob Dempsey said that the capacity of the RSB to take on the contract, and meet this demand has been a terrific example of just how nimble the manufacturing and plastic thermoforming business was.

“Our industrial services unit is not as well-known as some of our services, but we are immensely proud of it and its 75 strong work force. We have well established clients in the food packaging lines, and many in the health care business, and the opportunity to work with Cheiron has been fantastic. The demand worldwide for this product offers both Cheiron and RSB great opportunities going forward”.

Roy Hughes of Cheiron said working with the RSB had been a good experience and that the company was delighted with the responsiveness of the RSB team, and the quality of the products being produced.

“The provision of these products is a core element of our business. We look at effective and quality partners and we have found one in the RSB. The quality of their work is globally competitive, and that we can also support their supported employee program is a fantastic bonus. We hope to take the product to the world and hope the RSB can be an ongoing part of that”.