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Guide Dogs. Partnerships built by training, bonded in trust, sustained by love

Who doesn’t remember where they were as we watched the attack on the World Trade Centre?

It was 20 years ago this year.  Didn’t we all see the world differently after that?

Well, RSB recently hosted Michael Hingson.  Michael is blind and has been since birth.  On that clear morning, he was at work on the 78th floor of Tower 1 when it shook, and tilted, 20 feet and then returned to its upright position, and then dropped 6 feet.

He was with his Guide Dog, Roselle. After the attack he and Roselle walked down the 78 flights of stairs to get out of the building before it finally collapsed.  It was a undeniably a tragic day for many, but his story is a compelling one.

It is a story that demonstrates the strength of the partnership between a blind man and his guide dog.

A partnership that relied upon training, the trust between man and dog, and the unreserved love they had for each other.  It is what many people with guide dogs can relate to.

RSB has proudly provided guide dogs for over 15 years to nearly 200 South Australians.  Premium quality training has ensured we remain the major provider of guide dogs in our State.  The partnerships we enable create moments of magic and joy for our clients; and whilst we hope none will ever experience what Michael and Roselle did, we know our dogs can perform in such moments.

Watch Michael’s story (FACEBOOK LINK)

Meet RSB pup September.  Named to celebrate Michael’s and Roselles remarkable journey 20 years ago, he will soon become one of the nearly 200 guide dogs RSB has provided to people in the South Australian community.

If you can, please help us create more partnerships.