RSB COVID Update 20 November

I firstly wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their immediate and supportive responses as we worked together to manage the imposition of a quick lockdown to our business.

As many of you will already know, there, has been a dramatic change in our circumstances today.

The recent hard lockdown restrictions are being rolled back as quickly as is possible, and we are now working very hard to return our services, programs and supports for you to a level where they were just a short week ago!

We believe that we will be able to resume the usual delivery of our services to you over the course of next week.  Please accept that there may be some small delays as we look to reschedule cancelled appointments and programs and events, but we will continue to keep you informed of our progress in returning services, and as we resume we will remain guided by the directions of the State Government, SAPOL and SA Health.

For our guide and assistance dog volunteers, the easing of the ‘stay at home’ restrictions means you can now resume exercising and walking with our dogs, provided you do so in line with the directions from SAPOL.  The RSB Guide and Assistance Dog team will be in contact with you soon to update you further.

Thank you to all of you for patience in the circumstances we have all been through, and for your ongoing support of RSB and our team.  We look forward to continuing to support you with our services.

Best Regards
Damian Papps, Executive Director