Vision Buddy is a comfortable headset device designed for those with a vision impairment to watch TV and movies, enhance computer activities,  read paper mail and magazines, and participate in social pastimes like Bridge and Bingo.

Magnify your TV programmes – Use the Vision Buddy TV Hub to connect to your digital box, streamer or any other provider to see your favourite TV programs within the headset with enhanced image quality  – all from the comfort of your favourite chair. Zoom in on details, like captions, weather and sport scores, and pan around the cinema-style view by turning your head.  Watch with family, or watch in bed!

Magnify your computer work–  The same cinema-view can connect to your existing computer.  Magnify everything online, your emails, Facebook, Solitaire and computer games without restricting your field of view.

Switch views – With a click of a button switch between TV or computer to magnification/camera mode and see the world around you. It’s that simple!

Magnify and listen – It is also possible to use the headset to magnify reading material and have that read aloud to you by Vision Buddy.

Optional set up and training package (where possible)

Internet/NBN required for viewing TV.