This talking thermometer measures your temperature from either your forehead or ear and announces the reading within two seconds in a synthetic female American voice, in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Measured body temperatures range from 32 to 42.9C (89.6 to 109.3F) – it will also measure room temperatures from 5 to 59.9C (41 to 139.8F).

The thermometer will store up to 30 sets of temperatures, for a maximum of 30 days. Temperature is stored together with date, time and measurement mode (ear or forehead).

Talking functions can be enabled and disabled as required at the press of a button. The thermometer will also speak room temperature and the current time if prompted.

Measure body temperature from ear or forehead in Celsius or Fahrenheit.Readings announced in a synthetic female American voice.Body temperature measurement ranges from 32-42.9C (89.6-109.3F).Room temperature measurement ranges from 5-59.9C (41-139.8F).Time and date displayed in 12-hour clock mode.Range of date display: 2001 to 2099. The initial date set is January 01, 2020.Maximum 30 sets of temperatures stored for up to 30 days.Size: 160 × 110 × 47mm.Weight: 131g.