RSB Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs. Partnerships built by training, bonded in trust, sustained by love. 

20 years ago, the World Trade Centre in New York was attacked.

After 9/11 the world saw things differently.  Michael Hingson was born blind.  On 9/11 he found himself on the 78th floor of Tower 1 when it was attacked.  As the building burned, he and his guide dog Roselle walked down the 78 flights of stair, leading others, all amidst the confusion, noise, and chaos of that morning.  Their teamwork and partnership was tested unlike ever before.

In Australia, RSB Guide Dogs deliver life enabling partnerships between people with sight loss, forming partnerships built in training, bonded in trust, sustained by love.

Meet RSB pup September.  Named to celebrate Michael’s and Roselles remarkable journey 20 years ago, he will soon become one of the nearly 200 guide dogs RSB has provided to people in the South Australian community.

However, he needs $78,000 to be trained and to work in supporting a person with sight loss.  Please help us.

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