BrailleNote Touch Plus 32 – Tablet and note taker

The perfect braille note taker to connect and engage with your world

The 32-cell BrailleNote Touch Plus 32 combines the simplicity of a note-taking tool with the power of a smart digital device. Supported by the Android Oreo platform, it takes your braille experience to new levels and keeps you engaged and connected with your world.

Powered by Android and driven by KeySoft, BrailleNote Touch Plus offers an immersive and connected experience in multiple languages. It is equipped with a unique touch screen that makes communication between students and teachers fully interactive.

This powerful note taker, equipped with an ultra-fast processor, makes it easy to write assignments or create graphics without making noise. You can download and read books, watch YouTube videos, send emails and share content on Dropbox and Google Drive cloud services. BrailleNote Touch Plus gives you both the means to learn effectively and the power to fuel your goals, from grade school to the workplace.