Operation K9


Life changing program for Veterans’ with PTSD

What is OPK9?


Veterans are twice as likely as other Australians to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2013 our flagship OPK9 program launched to provide trained highly trained assistance dogs to veterans living with PTSD. Since 2020, our program has been supported by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Choice and control

The program offers choice and control and a genuine opportunity for veterans to shape their own recovery pathway. Each dog is individually matched and trained to meet the specific needs of each veteran in the program. Comprehensive after-care is provider to ensure success for both the veteran and their dog.

The program is ensuring veterans improve the quality of their lives and have a pathway to recovery from their PTSD, with improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Eligibility for the program

The program is open to all Australians who have served in any official capacity. See Differently only accepts referrals to the program through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Psychiatric Assistance Dog program. For more information and eligibility visit: www.dva.gov.au/dogs


What sets us apart?

To date we have supported 50 Australian veterans to access a life changing assistance dog. What sets us apart is that we are:

  • Internationally accredited specialist trainers with experience working with veterans with PTSD.
  • World recognized and high quality training program, with comprehensive after-care support.
  • Breeding our own puppies and raising them in homes which makes them well adjusted to life with their client.
  • Demonstrating positive outcomes in terms of physical and mental wellbeing for veterans in the program, validated by independent research.


Two men and two women looking down at yellow assistance dog

OPK9 Corporate Partners

Our OPK9 Program has gone from strength to strength thanks to the generous support of our corporate partners. Many of these partners are within the defence sector and understand the impact service can have on the men and women who serve our nation. We’re always looking for new partners to join our community and help change the lives of veterans with PTSD.

To find out more, contact:

Sally Raphael, Executive Manager for Marketing and Fundraising
sally.raphael@seedifferently.org.au or 1300 944 306

For more information about the See Differently OPK9 Program, please contact See Differently Customer First Team contact@seedifferently.org.au or 1300 944 306