Adelaide City KIA Partner with RSB

Pictured, Adelaide City Kia Dealer Principal Julian Newton with the Kia litter

The RSB is pleased to announce Adelaide City Kia (ACK) as a valued partner, with naming rights to the 8-week Golden Retriever puppies, the Kia (K) Litter. The partnership was officially launched on Friday 23 October at the RSB’s Guide and Assistance Dog facility in Gilles Plains.

The partnership has seen Adelaide City Kia name 2 of the puppies in the litter of 10 (Kia and Kit). The puppies are the first pure-bred Golden Retriever litter bred by the RSB since 2016.

This style of partnership is proving a powerful one, and where companies can share the value and impact of the guide and assistance dog, transforming the lives of people living with vision loss, enabling and empowering them to lead independent lives.

Executive Director Rob Dempsey said

I am delighted to welcome Adelaide City Kia to the RSB family, those people and businesses who commit to support our work in assisting blind and vision impaired people live full and independent lives. That they joined us in our bespoke Guide and Assistance Dogs program is especially pleasing because as the leading provider of these wonderful dogs to South Australians with an unreserved commitment to our clients, we know that they have similar values to us when it comes to customer care.

Adelaide City Kia’s Julian Newman;

We are thrilled to work alongside a group who hold such a valuable role in our local community and one that consistently goes above and beyond to support the blind and vision impaired. From our business perspective, the chance to partner and promote the K litter was an irresistible one. Most importantly also, in this post COVID environment, the opportunity to share this partnership with our customers and staff and offer them to share in the outcome is an invaluable experience.

In addition to Kia (f) and Kit (m), the remaining puppies are named; Kazi, Kingsley and Kale (males) and Kelli, Koa, Kiki, Kirby, Kari and Kia (females).